In July 2018 the HSE Excellence Design Sprint project was launched. All HSE Managers took part in the project, aiming to:

  •  define a Global Framework of HSE culture, based on the leading Best Practices and Lessons Learned in various geographic areas and projects, ensuring alignment with the highest HSE standards;
  •  increasing awareness and understanding of HSE topics, innovating the methods of transferring content, improving expected standards of conduct and engaging all employees.

Three initiatives have been identified and will be applied at corporate level:

  • HSE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: definition of leadership programmes.
  •  HSE COMPETENCE: implementation of an HSE Competence and Training Portal integrated into the Corporate Academy portal.
  •  HSE PERFORMANCE: definition of dashboards to monitor HSE KPIs.

Following the pilot projects, these initiatives will be developed in 2019 and 2020. As regards initiatives at local level, the obtaining of the environmental and safety certification in China and the implementation in Australia of the Safety Leadership Excellence (LEADSAFE) training and information programme for senior management have been selected.